Zero emissions: for a greener planet

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Using ICT Marketplace, CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere are eliminated through direct investment by TimeFlow on projects that reduce CO2 emissions in equal quantities.

We finance verified emissions reduction projects through our partner Up2You. These investments support environmental projects such as:

1. Forest protection, which improves air quality and absorbs carbon.

2. Urban reforestation improves soil quality and attracts bees (a species to be protected, directly involved in safeguarding biodiversity).

3. The supply of solar cookers to the inhabitants of small rural villages in India reduces the use of coal.

In 2020 the ICT sector produced 3.7% of total CO2 emissions, and it is assumed that in 2040 the impact of digital will reach 14%.

TimeFlow is fully aware of its impact and has always actively worked to reduce its carbon footprint.

Sustainable ICT is our priority

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TimeFlow is the first important ICT platform for IT procurement to offset 100% of the corporate emissions generated. Whenever a match between customer and supplier takes place on TimeFlow’s ICT Marketplace, we increase the budget to offset carbon emissions, creating a positive impact on the environment.

Thanks to the projects promoted by Up2You, we reduce our environmental impact every day, with the aim of becoming a Carbon Neutral company.

So far we have caught 3,887 kg of CO2, which is equivalent to 78 round trips from Milan to Naples by car.

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